- How can I add the app to the home screen of my mobile device?

To get the procedure to add this app, select the button corresponding to your mobile device. Note that the procedure may be slightly different depending on the version of the operating system used.

iPhone / iPad Android

- Do I have to download the application to be able to use it?

No. The application is hosted on a server and accessible via a web browser. The technologies used to develop this web application are the same as those used for the creation of websites. You can add a shortcut to the home screen of your mobile device.

- Does the application also work on my computer?

Yes. Although this application targets mobile devices first it will run properly on most modern web browsers (Mac and PC).

- The application does not seem to work normally.

Make sure Javascript is enabled in your device's web browser (usually enabled by default).

- How can I search for information in the app?

A search engine is located on the homepage below the navigation bar. You can clean the field by typing a new request or by using the to the right of the search button.